History of Independence Day

Thanks to the efforts of many people, we are able to enjoy our freedom and independence and I have a little background story about the 4th of July. Read More...

Dry Flowers the Fast Way

Image via AmoreBride

I love having flowers year round and think that a beautiful arrangements just lifts the spirit. Today learn how to dry flowers the fast way using nothing more than a microwave and cat litter. 

Help Raise Fund for the Veterans

CK Mondavi , you know the people who bring us Mondavi wines  have come up with a wonderful campaign to raise funds for disabled veterans. The company is donating a percentage of each wine bottle sold between May - August to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes (up to $50,000). I had never heard of The Intrepid Fallen Heroes and learned that the Fund (IFHF), is an organization that supports men and women of the Armed Forces and their families. - Read more...

Cat Portrait - Japanese Style

Sometimes my idea for a painting differs greatly from that what my client wants and this was the case with the portrait of this cat. I ended up painting this cat twice, once with a very simple blue background that my client preferred and once with a very painterly background that I had envisioned for this piece. 

Cute Finds for French Bulldog Owners

Who doesn't love the face of a Frenchie ? Check out all the cute items I have discovered for Frenchie owners .... Read More

...With the Delicacy of a Petal (via http://www.enzieshahmiri.com/blog)
Other ways of capturing the grace of a blossoming flower include the use of beautiful vegan soap. I just love the heart shaped floral soaps!Sculpted in such high detail they are almost too beautiful to use, don't you think? Read more...

Happy Valentines Day!

Vampire Poster via Black Unicorn Shop
Eternal Love (via http://www.enzieshahmiri.com/blog)
"In a study done by Bianca Acevedo and Arthur Aron at Stony Brook University in New York  the age-old question of eternal love was tackled. The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brains of 10 women and seven men who… 

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